Health & Safety

  • Health and Safety is critical to our business performance and defines the culture of our company.
  • At DSM we recognize that our operations give rise to risk, but believe that we can minimize, or even eliminate this risk by providing the right candidate to suit your requirement.
  • We continuously strive to safeguard members of the public at all times and achieve zero injuries or harm to our staff and sub-contractors. Furthermore, we believe that everyone at DSM has a major part to play in achieving this aim.
  • All incidents and accidents, no matter how minor, are investigated thoroughly. Lessons learned from these investigations are and will be, communicated to all of our operatives. We aim to prevent any such incidents happening again.
  • All on-site operatives, are provided with suitable and sufficient detail in order to perform the task required, as well as identifying any potential risks and control measures to reduce or eliminate them. Our clients, as well as us, follow a strict policy in relation to the supply and use of appropriate PPE, tools, materials, and plant to be able to do their job safely.
  • We are committed to ensuring that our sites are safe. To ensure continuous improvement, Directors and Senior Managers carry out regular safety tours and engage with our candidates in order to encourage them, and support us in delivering the service we have committed to.

We aim to ensure peace of mind to our staff, our customers, and the community around us.

We recruit competent people who we provide further training in order to fulfill their potential. New candidates are vetted for their suitability for the task to be performed and monitored closely to ensure that they meet our goal of an accident and incident free environment.